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Bespoke Furniture

Commissioning Having a piece of furniture designed and created for your home is a something very personal. Connolly & Company understands that this process should be as stress-free and enjoyable as living with the finished item. To purchase or commission a piece of furniture, please use the contact section to get in touch. Design Connolly…

Connolly&Company Spiral Model


A prototyping service is available at Connolly & Company to allow industry professionals realise their design alongside the maker. Construction details and jointing techniques are analysed during this process in a production minded environment. As this process is flexible, you can specify several variants of the item, so that you can compare and contrast subtle…

Connolly&Company Magnet Inlay


Connolly & Company can also supply the design industry with small production runs of specialty items and components. A process of manufacture is discussed and materials chosen to best suit the application.