History Chair

History Chair

History Chair

‘Work that has a past but that feels absolutely present’

The History Chair is a unique piece born out of a long standing working relationship between two designers – Cathal Loughnane and Peter Sheehan – and an amazing collaboration with crafts people such as Connolly & Company initiated by Joseph Walsh.
The designer’s sensitivity to form and silhouette has been captured first by hand and eye in making the first prototypes, then digitally to aid the making of every component, and finally by hand & eye again as the final assembled piece is crafted and finished.

Wallpaper* Handmade, Milan in 2012
Vernacular at London Design Week 2013
Vernacular at the National Craft Gallery in 2013/2014
Currently on show at SO fine art editions, 10 Anne Street South, Dublin

You get the feeling that the chair has already lived a life. It is a chair to sit in and to touch.
It is a chair to think in.
The History Chair story here.


History Chair made using olive ash or French walnut

Oil finish
Leather seat pad.
Dimensions 68cm x 52cm x 82cm